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ASSIGNMENT 10 PROJECT WORK a) Project for primary classroom


This primary unit takes across curricular approach involving language arts, math, science, and social studies. Art, music and movement education activities are also used to develop the concepts in this unit.

Students will learn about the rainforest through a variety of activities to complete both on-line and in downloadable format for use in the classroom. In addition there is a resource bank of print and non-print resources included.

Each lesson develops a particular
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Independent Learning

* Choosing resources

* Research

* Self-assessment


This unit accommodates a range of abilities in the Grade 1 classroom. Further adaptations may include the following:

* Use a variety of resources.

* Choose alternate resources to suit the needs of the students.

* Adapt expectations to the abilities of the students.

* Alter the pace of activities.

* Group students in a variety of ways for varying purposes.

* Choose from the suggested activities to suit your personal teaching style and the needs of the students.

* Consider the student’s background learning experiences.

* Activate prior knowledge to increase relevance.

* alter assessment instruments to suit the needs of the students.

* consider student interest in determining the length of the unit.

* Allow for student choice.


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