Tropical Forest Essay

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Register to read the introduction… “Tropical forests cover only seven percent of the planet’s land surface yet they are home to more than half of all plant and animal species. In a typical four-mile-square area of tropical forest may live… 125 kinds of mammals, and 400 kinds of birds. In a single square mile of tropical forest, biologists have counted 300 different kinds of butterflies” (“Rainforest Alliance”). Many species have become endangered due to deforestation. Rare animals like the jaguar, toucan, sloth, leopard and many more are continuously losing their habitats. They are forced to live in environments that are unfamiliar to them. Along with losing their homes, many species are losing their source of food. When a species’ population becomes extremely low, events such as disease or drought could easily demolish them forever. Once a species goes extinct there is no way to bring them back. Birds that migrate from the United States are also being unfavorably affected by deforestation. During the cooler months of the year many birds travel south to the luscious rainforests. If their homes were no longer available to them they would be put in a huge amount of danger, which could result in fatality or even extinction. We need to protect their habitats before it is too late. Removing just one species could potentially cause a domino effect that could disrupt the entire …show more content…
We may not be able to notice them now, but if left unmanaged, pretty soon the issues will be affecting us at a point of no return. “Over half of all tropical forest has already been destroyed” (“Rainforest Alliance”). With this awareness of the negative effects due to cutting down the rain forests, we can make a choice together to change things now. If the habits of deforestation are left unaltered, carbon dioxide will increase and oxygen will decrease in the atmosphere, the resources for medicinal advances will be lost, and many species will become extinct which could cause other ecosystems to collapse as well. As Gandhi once said, “Be the change you with to see in the

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