Essay on Tropical Depression : Tropical Cyclone

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A hurricane, by definition, is a tropical cyclone with strong winds spiraling inward and upward and speeds ranging from 75 mph to 200 mph. Hurricanes emerge from the Atlantic basin, which consists of the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, the northeastern Pacific Ocean, and, less often, the central north Pacific Ocean. Most hurricanes follow a similar cycle of development. Some may run their course in as little as a day or as long as a month. They weaken and are transformed into extratropical cyclones after prolonged contact with the colder ocean waters of the middle latitudes, and they rapidly decay after moving over land areas. A hurricane evolves through a life cycle from birth to death, starting with the tropical depression stage, then the tropical storm stage, and finally developing into a hurricane. Tropical cyclones with maximum sustained surfaces winds of less than 39 miles per hour are called tropical depressions. It is called a “depression” because it has low or depressed air pressure at its center. A tropical depression forms when a low pressure are is accompanied by thunderstorms that produce circular wind flow with winds below 39 mph. Once a group of thunderstorms has come together under the right atmospheric conditions for a long enough time, they may organize into a tropical depression. Lowered pressure is indicated with at least one closed isobar on a surface pressure chart. Also, the organized circulation of wind in the center of the…

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