Triple Heritage and Africa's Bright Future Essay

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Dr. Kwasi Konadu’s course “Intro to Contemporary Africa” covers a wide range of topics relating to the continent of Africa. Throughout the course, students become aware of how the continent of Africa has arrived at this present time in history. From the beginning chapters about geography and historical context all the way to the final chapter on the trends and prospects for Africa, there are a few conclusions that students can soundly arrive at. As far back as scholars have researched, a range of different cultures have come into contact with Africa including European and Islamic cultures. A lot of the interaction has been forced upon the continent, and has been accompanied by violence, physical and otherwise. However, it is clear …show more content…
One of the most clear positive impacts that European and Islamic influence has had on the African continent is its effects on the devastating epidemics of HIV and AIDS. There are a lot of factors in play around HIV and AIDS and why it has become such a large issue that the continent is facing. In chapter seven of Understanding Contemporary Africa entitled “Population, Urbanization, and AIDS” written by April A. Gordon speaks to this topic. Indigenous African culture carries a lot of norms which and linked to high fertitlity[11]. High fertility can mean increased economic strain for the continent as a whole with more human beings depending on the already scarce resources available throughout certain parts of the continent. As this relates to HIV/AIDS, a lot of HIV positive and AIDS infected parents are passing the devastating disease to their children. Where European and Islamic influence comes to play is around changing the cultural norms that are leading to these bleak conditions. Polygyny is prevalent throughout a lot of societies in Africa, and as a result a lot of HIV positive and AIDS infected men are passing the disease to their wives, because as Gordon reports “only 18 percent of African married women use any

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