Trinidad And Tobago Court System Essay

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Court System in Trinidad and Tobago:
Based on the English Common Law, the Judiciary System in Trinidad and Tobago works to resolve major conflicts within their society. Trinidad and Tobago court system has three levels; the Magistrates Court which is at the first level; the Supreme Court of Judicature which is the second level; the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council is the third and final level of court of appeals. Trinidad and Tobago has thirteen magistrate courts. The Magistrate Court handles civil and criminal matters. Magistrate court deals with cases that is less than fifteen thousand dollars. The second level of court handles all types of cases such as civil, criminal, and matrimonial. Cases such as these exceed the fifteen-thousand-dollar limit. The Chief Justice along with other judges get the opportunity to sit in on these cases. All the judges share the same authority jurisdiction, and they all have equal power. The
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State justice systems handle crimes that are committed within the state; federal justice system handle crimes that are committed in one or more states or on federal property. In the federal court system, there are three levels of court; district, circuit, and the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is the highest court throughout the US. The United States has one Supreme Court, thirteen circuit courts, and ninety-four district …show more content…
Both countries court system differs a lot because they both are structured in different levels. However, both countries do share some similarities such as the Supreme Court being the highest court. With help from the Senate, the President of both countries appoints the Judge for the Supreme Court. The way the court system is structured in Trinidad and Tobago seems like it is a quick and fast process verses the

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