Trigger Warnings On College Campuses Essay

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Trigger warnings on college campuses, as a means to warn students of course material that may be offensive or disturbing to them, should not be allowed because it does not allow professional, intellectual academic discourse to occur. College professors are staring to second think on what course material to teach, because many students become offended with what comes out of the professor’s mouth, this also applies to comedians that would perform, but now they can’t because of the immaturity of students. Macroaggressions are the leading cause for the existence of trigger warnings. Macroaggressions are words or actions done by someone with no intent of harming someone, yet people take it the wrong way and think of it as a kind of violence. Greg Lukinoff and Jonathan Harioit both published an article called “The Coddling of the American Mind” and in their article, they give an in-depth analysis on what macroaggressions do to universities. In their article they mention how if you ask an Asian American or Latino American “where were you born?” (Lukinoff and Harioit) they become offended and take it the wrong way, when you meant no harm. In universities great literary work such as The Great Gatsby has been found to trigger students because it “portrays misogyny and physical abuse” (Lukinoff and Harioit). Students who are triggered are able to avoid reading the book just because they feel uncomfortable. Other forms of macroaggressions are by asking someone something through a…

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