Essay on Trifles Are Things Of Little Value Or Importance

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Trifles are things of little value or importance. In the play Trifles and in the short story “Lamb to the Slaughter” women are viewed as the trifles in someone’s life, most often to a man or to the husband of the woman and are often seen as a nuisance and have little value. Also, they are most often talked down to or viewed as below everyone else. Because of this they are viewed as too stupid to be able to think about anything besides cooking and cleaning, that they are often overlooked, allowing them, in both stories, to get away with lying and deceiving others. Throughout Trifles and “Lamb to the Slaughter” all of the male characters view their female counterparts as incompetent and unintelligent, but based on their actions throughout they convey more intelligence than what was first expected of them. In the play Trifles, all three women can be seen as very intelligent and they all had this wisdom without the male characters even knowing. Minnie Wright is the husband of John Wright, the man who was killed, and she was one of the women in the play that portrayed intelligence throughout. Minnie killed her husband because he killed her bird that she had for a pet. The two women that went to the house to gather items for Minnie discovered the dead bird in a small box. Mrs. Peters said, “Somebody – wrung – its – neck” (Glaspell 9). Because the bird was killed in the way that it was, or being killed by strangling and breaking its neck, Minnie decided to kill her husband in the…

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