Trifles : A Story Of Opposition, Murder, And Controversy Essay

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Women Trifle to the Truth Trifles: a story of opposition, murder, and controversy. Susan Glaspell, writer of Trifles, gave society one of the first feminist stories in American history. Her story was risky in the 1900’s, but it gives us a lot of important information about that time now. For the first time, it makes the women look more intelligent than the men. The play begins when Mr. Wright is strangled to death in his own home. The sheriff, Mr. Hale, and the court attorney all search for clues on to convict Mr. Wright’s wife of the murder. While they’re searching, the wives of the sheriff and Mr. Hale get caught up in the “trifles” of the house, and are made fun of by the men (Glaspell 7-12). There is an accurate represent of the difference between men and women and irony that’s made evident in the script and portrayed well in the black and white photo. The way in which the men and women are standing in the photo gives away many clues about the story. The women are standing very close together. This symbolizes their sense of community when it comes to women sticking together, just as they stick by Mrs. Wright. The men are very far apart, because they don’t feel that same sense of community. There is also a large gap between the men and women, which symbolizes the opposition the women felt from the men. the women stand nervously because of this and avoid eye contact with each other and the men altogether. Whereas the men are all standing straight up and strong, looking…

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