Essay on Trifles : A Murder Case

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Trifles was a murder case that explore power between the sexes, and relationships. Then men were searching around the farmhouse for clues or evidence but the woman were the one who was founding the evidence in the wife cooking but the men was paying no attention and ignored the woman and they were blind of the truth. Susan Glaspell is a reporter that’s works for Des Moines News. She covered a murder cased of this farmer’s wife. Her name was Margaret Hossack, she was accused of killing her husband who name was john. He died in his sleep while she hit him twice in the head with an axe. At first when it was reported they said that there were burglars that came in the house and murder the farmer. But there was a sheriff that found the real story of what happen. Mrs. Hossack was sentence to life in prison.
During the act, the genders have 2 different acts. The men were like the hard workers and the brains of everything and the women were to stay inside the house and take care of the kids, clean the house and, to cook the meals. The house wife’s. The women’s during the time did not have jobs. Their responsibility was to take care of the house hold. If the women was to ever speak of give her opinion about anything, they are disrespecting the men. The men was doing everything for the family. They went to work and done whatever they had to do to bring money home to support their family. The husband expected so much from there wife’s. The women had to listen…

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