Trident Mgt302 Full Course (All Case and Slp) Essay

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Trident MGT302 full course (All case and SLP)
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Assignment Overview
Strong cognitive abilities are usually considered a very important and positive trait to seek when hiring new employees. However, one police department decided not to higher those who scored too high on a cognitive skills exam on the grounds that people who are too intelligent will not be satisfied with their job as a police officer and will end up quitting (Naish, 2013). This of course is a controversial policy that resulted in at least one lawsuit.
For this assignment we will be looking at individual characteristics that may predict job
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2. Will be able to work effectively under stressful and sometimes life threatening situations, can make good decisions under pressure.
3. Will be able to present a positive image of the police department in the communities they serve and maintain strong relations with community leaders.
Using what you’ve learned in the background about personality traits such as the Big Five Personality traits and factors that influence job satisfaction and organizational behavior, come up with a four to five page paper addressing the following issues:
1. Do you think cognitive abilities should be part of the exam? Do you agree with the police department mentioned in Naish (2013) that there should be an upper limit to cognitive abilities, or should the department try to hire those with the highest cognitive abilities? Consider the concepts of ability testing in Chapter 3 of Nair (2010) as part of your answer.
2. What personality traits do you think will best predict a police officer’s ability to handle stressful situations in the field and make decisions under stress? Consider the Big Five traits as well as any other personality traits that you read about in Chapter 6 of Nair (2010). Be specific about what traits the department should consider and why these traits will be associated with an ability to work under stress.
3. What personality traits will best predict an ability to

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