Trickery And Deceit In Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

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Aristeo Castaneda

In Shakespeare’s novel “ Much ado about nothing”, trickery and deceit are used throughout the play in which leads to love and romance. For example, Beatrice and Benedick were tricked in believing they loved each other and hero made claudio think she died but later on got married. In this story, you will find that love will always find its way back even through hatred times. This tale is about claudio wooing hero which leads to marriage and Beatrice having a secret love for benedick who also has the same lust.

In act II, Boracho says, “ The poison of that lies in you to temper. Go you to the prince your brother; spare not to tell him that he hath wronged his honor in marrying the renewed claudio, whose estimation do you
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Your over kindness doth wring tears from me. I do embrace your offer and dispose for henceforth of poor Claudio”(5.1.306-309). Claudio tells Leonato that 's he 's so generous it would bring him to tears,and that he’ll do anything for the governor of Messina. Claudio is this way because he feels guilty for what happened to Hero, Leonato and the others trick Claudio by making him think that hero is dead. What also happened In act V, Leonatos brother states, “ Until tomorrow morning,lords,Farewell”(5.2.344). Leonato and his brother speak with Claudio and the prince about expecting them for Claudio to marry Beatrice. But what Claudio does not realize is that Hero is actually still alive and she will be the one he is …show more content…
It were as possible for me to say I loved nothing so well as you,but believe me not,and yet I lie not, I confess nothing,nor I deny nothing.I am sorry for my cousin”(4.1.283-286).In this scene,after what happend at the wedding, Beatrice feels hate for Claudio for what he did to Hero.Benedick thens comes and speaks with her trying to calm her down and attempts to reason with her but it was no use.Beatrice talked about how she wants Benedick to actually kill Claudio for what he did, But Benedick couldn’t do such a thing. She was then ranted about how if she was a man she would do it herself. Bendick then gets up and claims to promise her that he will challenge Claudio do a duel to the death, Beatrice is most pleased with this. Lastly, in act V, Benedick contends, “ Serve God, love me, and mend. There will I leave you too, for here comes one in haste”(5.3.93-94). In this quote, Benedick was in the middle of practicing the lines of what he wrote for Beatrice, but she then came in and they talk about how they love each other. But they soon realize that the love they thought they had for one another was fake, yet even though they acted like they hated each other 's guts, their true feelings came together again as one. Thus, throughout the play Beatrice,Benedick,Claudio and hero were all involved in trickery and deceit,but in the end everything was resolved which in this case leads to love and

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