Tribunes In Julius Caesar

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In English class this year we are reading a play called “Julius Caesar” by Shakespeare. So

far it has been an interesting play, but we cannot read something unless we understand the setting

of the play. This play is set in Ancient Rome, so we have to understand the role of the characters

in their time. In the play we are introduced to two characters, Flavius and Marullus. They are

Tribunes in Rome. They play a major role in this play as Tribunes. Therefore we have to know

what role a Tribune played in Ancient Rome.

A Tribune was the title given to elected officials in Ancient Rome (Tribune). For most of

Roman history, a college of ten Tribunes of the Plebs acted as a check on the authority of the

senate and the annual magistrates.
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Marullus and Flavius both went off on

the towns people once they found out why they were doing this they asked why don’t you have

any loyalty for Pompey anymore, but the towns people had no answer (Shakespeare).

Later in Act 1, Cassius explain about Caesar 's past. He says that he and Caesar used to be

good friends and now Caesar acts likes a giant and everyone else is like his servant. Cassius all

around is very bitter about Caesar taking Pompey 's place by ruling Rome and seems to want to

be treated equal with him. This reveals a lot of things about Caesar 's background and explains

why some people don 't want him to take control over Rome (Shakespeare).

In Act 1 Scene 2, Cassius talks about how Caesar isn’t any better than anybody else, but

acts like he is on top of everybody. Cassius says at one point Caesar was super sick and he was

acting like a little girl. And that he stayed with him until he was all better. Something else

Cassius said was that he saved Caesar 's life in the river of Tiber. Cassius states that they
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They were equal and you can tell that

Cassius wished it Caesar was still like that. He can 't stand how people worship Caesar because to

Cassius, he isn’t better than anyone else and doesn 't deserve to be treated like that (Shakespeare).

Cassius thinks that he has a solution to keep Caesar from being Emperor. He will butter

Brutus up to make him think that everybody in Rome wants him as Emperor. He will do this by

verbally telling him and sending fake notes from people saying how much they love him. He also

is forming a group that plans to kill Caesar. To make matter worse they are meeting on

Pompeyes porch. This shows us that Cassius likes Pompeye not Caesar and that’s why he is

doing all this

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