Tribalism: Imperfections And Virtue

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Imperfections and Virtue, two sides of the same tribal coin
An examination of tribalisms arrogancy and humility
It’s hard not to look at the images of war particularly when civilians are caught in the crossfire. Pleas for relief and compassion visible in the penetrating eyes and tear stained faces of children. Images of mothers and fathers anguished at the loss of their sons and daughters. Frightened children are torn from their families, homes destroyed, joyful memories are replaced by memories of scrambling for cover or dangerous escapes attempted under the cover of darkness. All this destruction is committed in the name of someone’s opinion of a greater good. This is tribalism’s most wicked state. While tribalism breeds a sense of arrogance and superiority – a common theme
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This virtue has significant potential for a positive impact on each individual and provides the opportunity to build a better society, one in which differences are appreciated and necessary for survival. As attention is focused on reaping the mutual benefits of tribalism we become enlightened to a society built on the idea that it is everyone’s moral obligation to protect and served the differences that make our global tribes meant to last an eternity.
To better understand the positive impacts of tribalism we first need to look at where it falters. In Ji-li Jiang’s novel Red Scarf Girl, Jiang paints a vibrant picture of the life of one young girl, her life, and being raised in Communist China during the Cultural Revolution.

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