Triangle Trade : A System Of Trading Goods Essay example

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Triangle Trade The Triangle Trade was a system of trading goods in Britain for other goods and shipping it to African countries where tribes would trade products with ship captains for captured slaves. The slaves were then brought to Southern American where they were auctioned off and eventually ended up in the colonies. The ships would then pick up colonial products and take them to Britain, where they were taxed, picking up other products and heading back to African countries to start the process over again.
This system benefitted everyone involved except the slaves who were sold. The African chiefs used this as a way of winning wars against enemy tribes by effectively getting rid of their problem. When these slaves were put onto ships and set sail for the colonies, the chiefs of the tribes knew they would never be back. Ship captains traded for these slaves with goods from Britain and the colonies that the African chiefs would not have had access to. This human cargo was bought cheap and sold at auction, allowing the slave traders to become rich off of human suffering. Every leg of the journey meant the ship captains were making money because the ship was never empty.
The colonists benefitted because it was cheap labor using the slaves as a workforce. They did not have to pay African slaves and could work them to death if they choose to do so. At this time slaves were not considered human and it was cheap to replace them. At some point the colonists realized that this…

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