Trial And Case Of Oj Simpson Essay

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The OJ Simpson Evidence In the year 1995, one of the most controversial cases was on trial and this case was the Oj Simpson. Furthermore, during this case there were many controversies, since the crime was committed until the point of conviction. Moreover, the crime was committed the night of June 12, of 1994, since then no one knows the exact occurrences of that night that led to the homicide of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman (Linder, 2000). However, the main controversy of the case was the form the evidence was handle by the officials of that night. Foremost, as the case progressed many tremendous errors were notice in the gathering of the evidence that constituted to outcome of the case (List of the evidence in the O.J. Simpson double-.
The Evidence In the OJ Simpson case a few evidence was gathered that later would be presented infront of the jury. Furthermore, the evidence consisted of the crime scene blood, bloody shoe prints, crime scene hair and fibers, bloody gloves, bloody socks, and bloody bronco(The Associated Press, 1996). Foremost, the evidence that was used had an important value, but it had been treated improperly. Therefore, the first evidence was the blood that was found at the crime scene. This blood was found at the back of the house; which apparently contains trace of blood of Simpson, Nicole, and Ronald’s (The Associated Press, 1996). Therefore, the prosecution would argue that due to the blood found at the crime scene that contained Simpson…

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