Essay Trends in a B School

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1. Discussions within the group
The points which were discussed with the class have been omitted from this section and have been included in the next section to avoid redundancy of the content.

What B-Schools teach which they shouldn’t?
The increasing levels of competition among the students leads to the creation of a Superiority complex among few individuals who tend to become dominating at times, which greatly hampers the group dynamics and morale of others. There is an overdose of curriculum within a stipulated time period hampering the understanding of the subjects. This necessitates the system to be more flexible in allowing the students to choose among the subjects as per their
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The faculties of the B Schools may guide the students in applying the basic concepts of subjects in various case studies and problems of various competitions held in other peer colleges and well-known companies. This would help in proper understanding of subjects and applying the concepts practically.

What should be our focus as a student of a B-School?
The students should be open to learning from diverse peer groups, which will facilitate a boost in their acceptance levels and would help in broadening their outlook. Participating in various B School competitions, which can help us in understanding the culture of other B Schools and would help us in evaluating so as to where we stand in comparison to our peers from the other B Schools and help us in honing our skill sets. Inter-Subject application should be given paramount importance and one should be able to draw coherence among the various functionalities. For instance, a student should be able to apply the concepts of marketing in finance and should be able to plot a relation among these domains. There should be focus on the subject matter and acquiring knowledge than to get a hefty pay package. Extra-curricular activities should be adequate importance while maintaining a balance with the studies, which will foster holistic development of an individual.

What are some of the questions which each student must have answers to before graduating from a B-School ?
An individual should be

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