Trends In Information Technology Industry

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Information Technology Sector:
In recent years, the Information technology sector has really taken-off and boomed up due to various factors such as enormous funding, alliance activities, revolutionarising technology and a rapid increasing domestic market.
As the startups in IT sector need low initial investment and get funding from the investors if their business model is good. Also due to the increasing number of good software engineers and interest in computer science field . Also due to the increasing data coming from various sources. Therefore there has been a significant increase in the number of IT sector startups in India.
Bengaluru the IT hub of India has received US$ 2.6 billion in venture capital investments in 2014, which makes
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Source: IAMAI
All this increase in the revenue of the mobile advertisement is only due to the access of internet by the people. The decreasing rates of the internet usage by the telecom companies have urged people to use more and hence the scope of the mobile advertisements is increasing in the Indian market. Thus a lot of startups which deal with online advertisement and monetization are increasing recently.
As India has the fastest growing smartphone market thus the ad traffic spike India. Hence there are great prospects in this field for the coming startups to flourish.
Gaming Startups:
A significant chunk of time is spent playing games online or offline. This is also due to the increase in the number of smartphones. Android Play Store has enormous number of Games and due to benefits which can be earned through the advertisements on the games our through selling their games on playstore. This is quite a creative area which encourages young developers to make games and turn it to a
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Payment options like cash on delivery, prepaid cash cards, etc cannot be the primary payment methods, as these cut down the margins of an e-commerce company to a great extent. Cash on delivery also means that there are chances of consumers returning products and a longer sales cycle, which is not good for business.
Big Data:
In a number of sectors Indian Companies are relying on analytics, banking , telecom, automotive, and ecommerce. Big data , open data analytics provide lucrative opportunities to Indian startups to flourish.
Reports by NASSCOM and CRISIL global research reveals that the global big data market will touch 25 billion dollars by 2016 from 5.3 billion dollars in 2011. Indian industry is about to reach 1 billion dollars by 2016 and 2.3 billion dollars by

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