Trends And Styles Of The Company Essay

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Another possible weakness is that the company currently attracts the 18-34 year old age demographic. Trends and styles for this age group may be different from the younger generation of consumers that will soon fall into the age bracket. The ability to adapt it’s style and create a product that not only its older market will enjoy but also creating a style that the younger generation can enjoy. Because the younger generation may not enjoy the current look but will soon fall into the age bracket of main product consumers.
With all this being said, the company shows promising opportunity they have a target market that creates revenue for the company. The have their own suppliers and they have since becoming a business expanded from strictly online to online and having their own stores on streets for people to be exposed to. The next big step for the companies growth is to expand its stores throughout North America. Currently they only have stores throughout the United states of America, but they don 't have any locations in Canada. Nevertheless Canadians are still able to buy their products via there online stores.

3. Which of the Generic strategic approaches is Warby Pakrer Pursuing
Warby Parker was and continues to use a Focus Strategy, which is when a company focuses mainly on a particular market and consumer demographic. Rather than trying to attract all sorts of consumers they have decided to focus on a certain demographic. As stated in the case study “ the company set…

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