Trend Report - Cloud Computing Essays

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Trend Report: Cloud Computing

First, information technology is an essential factor in the success of many businesses around the world. Innovation and following currents trends in the market are necessary for a business to stay up float. The big buzz of new technology and gadgets has reached a fever pitch. There is a new wave around cloud computing. Cloud computing signifies a major shift in information technology. Cloud computing is an Internet based computing system where you can share and view software and information anywhere and at anytime with computer devices, such as: Smart phones, tablets, and computers. Many companies are currently using it as the main storage of data so that their employees, partners, and other interested
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Another 11 percent of respondents indicate that they plan to start using them during the first half of 2013.
Third, there are some benefits in converting to cloud computing versus using memory flash drives or one computer’s database. Cloud computing is allowing organizations to further reduce costs through improved utilization, reduced administration and infrastructure costs, and faster deployment cycles. Cloud computing infrastructure accelerates and fosters the adoption of innovations Enterprises are increasingly making innovation their highest priority. Cloud computing enables innovation, it will alleviates the need of innovators to find resources to develop, test, and make their innovations available to the user community. Innovators are free to focus on the innovation rather than the logistics of finding and managing resources that enable the innovation. Cloud computing helps leverage innovation as early as something new is store on the cloud. In return is enables businesses to unite their applications and ideas.

Lastly, technology is an essential factor in the very day growth of companies and is additionally a great market place to outsource ideas and that is the reason cloud computing should not be ignored as a new technological wave but a concept that is here to stay. The idea of cloud computing

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