Trenches In Ww1 Essay

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World War I
World War I is one of the most deadly wars in American History. This war killed 38 million people, thats more than two of the largest populated cities, Shanghai and Tokyo Japan. Many soldiers, and even harmless civilians, lives taken away and they were fighting for their country. This is how the war started, the American soldiers affected on the war, and the wars importance to America and other countries involved. World War I was started by an assassination. The murder was on the Austria-Hungary presidents and his wife. They were shot dead in Sarajevo by Gavrilo Princip. He was assisted by 5 other men, but he was the one who shot her. They were coordinated to murder her by Danilo llic, a Bosnian Serb and a member of the black
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Also, trench warfare was big in WWI. The use of trenches for people to hide in was very significant because they could hideout from the enemy and stay alive because if you went out in the war zone and fields, you would almost guarantee your death. But with trenches comes very bad risks. Rats that lived down in the trenches carried many infections that many people couldn’t get away from and even the simple smell of the trenches were unbearable. Black and brown rats were a real problem (Benson 9. They were really nervous of the brown rats though because they lived on human flesh and could grow to be as big as a cat (Benson 9). Also they could produce 900 offspring in a year. They could also cause major infections and contaminated food and there was no way to get rid of them They were there the whole war (Benson 9). Trench foot, an infection of the foot when the foot got wet and the conditions were too wet or cold to dry and caused gangrene, a death in body tissue, and required the foot to be amputated, was one of the worst effects of living down in the trenches (Benson 10). Anybody with trench foot or who lived in trenches can say it was absolutely terrible, but thats what they had to live with to survive. They could either live in trenches, or go out into open battle fields and get shot at. …show more content…
One battle, the Battle of Verdun, in 1916 is a very important one. It was a 10-month long war between the French and German armies. Its considered one of the most brutal events in WWI (Battle 1). This battle was part of an unsuccessful German campaign to take the offensive on the western front (Battle 1). This battle site is remembered as “the battlefield with the highest density of dead per square yard” (Battle 1). The battle begun with a German attack with intense artillery bombings of the forts around Verdun (Battle 4). The German military pounded through the front lines and made the French retreat. Later that day, Fort Douaumont, near Verdun, surrendered to the German forces (Battle 4). In March of that year, the German commanders ordered an attack on another fort near Verdun, Harcourt, which eventually French surrendered to them (Battle 4). Another fort was eventually surrendered as well, called Malancourt, Verdun itself was still to the French army. The French were not looking so good as to winning this battle, but there was something the German weren’t expecting to help them win the Battle of Verdun. The French Air Force had secured the sky over Verdun, which helped defend the area (Battle 6). Due to the Britain attacks to German forces at Somme River, it had relieved some pressure off the French at Verdun, which slowly caused them to transfer from Verdun.

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