Essay on Trench Warfare During World War I

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Trench warfare was a war tactic used in World War I that helped military men defend themselves. It also was for their own protection, but of course there were still many fatalities. Was it a good war tactic? No, and here is why. It was designed to help make the war progress with greater speed but all it did was cause a stalemate. Trench warfare started on the Western Front on September 15th, 1914. The first trenches were first used in the First Battle of the Marne when both sides of troops started to dig “trenches”. Trench warfare would most likely be described as a set of lines. There are three “lines” of trenches, but in between the enemy trenches was a place called No Man’s Land. The men that dared to cross, almost never made it out alive. There were thousands of deaths when it came to trench warfare. Death was the biggest factor of trench warfare. Trench warfare was a horrible war tactic because of the fact that many men had died from just being down there on the first day, disease, and not to mention, No Man’s Land. People died everyday of something different while they were in the trenches. In many studies, it has been said that the most fatalities happened on the first day in the trenches because the majority of soldiers were in the front line of the trenches, which were in fact the most dangerous. All it took was a simple look over the trench and before they have time to think, they are shot and killed. It was a scary thing. The first day was probably…

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