Trench Warfare And World War I Essay

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War is a something that everyone knows something about. World War one was a war that was fought in several different ways, but trenches were used for a majority of the war. Trench warfare is a concept of war. It is a way of having an offensive and defensive tactic combined into one. Trenches were not first used during world war one but they have been used throughout the history of war. The way trench warfare was used and expanded during world war one by the allies, is a concept that was developed and improved upon throughout many years of the war. Trenches are a series of dug out holes. More specifically trenches are foxholes that have been dug out deep enough to allow a solider to stand in without being struck by an enemy. Most trenches are basic deep holes that allow for protection from enemies, but the trenches that were developed during world war one were more intricate and well thought out than the original concept of trenches. Throughout history trenches have been used to defend many armies who were at war. In the early seventeenth century trenches were mostly used during large sieges. Many armies would “dig in” as it was called, for a long period of time, during battle. These trenches allowed for the soldiers to protect themselves from the siege war that would take place. Some of the most remembered trench warfare was during the Civil war, where trenches were used for important battles and long drawn out fighting. During world war one, Trench warfare developed…

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