Trees Are A Stable Source Of Life On Earth

Trees are a stable source of life for everyone on Earth. Unbeknownst to many, their lively roots have entwined for eighty thousand years beneath our feet, unnoticed and nearly impossible to destroy. Possessing an intricate weave, they are alike to the towering poles with twisted wires that line the streets. They are jigsaw pieces in the puzzle of land, necessary to complete the picture but unthought of as individuals; going without a few pieces slightly impacts the likeness, but after a certain amount of disappearance, the alluring image becomes extinct. When we assume that trees are apathetic resources made for exploitation, but they have the balance of life fully integrated into a neural system of divergent connections. After more seasons in their life than the average human has days, the possibilities that are …show more content…
We spend our lives inevitably seeking each other’s approval, and using any available method to maintain a symbiotic bond. Only a slight minority consciously realize the extent of which we rely on one another, and vice versa. This need is yet another example of the predictability of us as a society. Involuntary exile is a special kind of torture that preys on our need for companionship. In the movie, Jake was ostracized as an “Outcast. Betrayer. Alien.”, and began to realize that he “needed their help and they needed [his]” (Cameron, Avatar). In essence, we are social beings; even from birth we rely on our caregivers to teach us the ways of the world. Without exposure to other humans, we would perish. The need for contact isn’t pure necessity; it also enhances our quality of life. The human on average can maintain about one hundred close and secure relationships. Scientifically, the more relationships that you can preserve, the more sizable your brain is, because every relationship you have causes your brain to see life in a new

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