Treaty Of Versailles Case Study

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The Treaty of Versailles - Homework Assignment

1. “If I am elected, Germany is going to pay… I have personally no doubt we will get everything you squeeze out of a lemon, and a bit more. I propose that every bit of (German owned) property, movable and immovable, in Allied and neutral countries, whether state property or private property, should be surrendered by the Germans.”
Sir Eric Geddes, a government minister, speaking to a rally in the general election campaign, December 1918.

a. Why was it felt that Germany should be treated so harshly?

When the leaders of Britain, France and the USA arrived at the Paris Peace Conference, they were already under pressure to deal severely with Germany. As there were many people who were in favor that
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3. Why did the allied leaders not get the treaty they wanted?

None of the allied leaders was happy with the terms of the treaty. Clemenceau and Wilson disagreed over many issues. The USA hadn’t suffered as much as France during the war and France resented Wilson’s generous attitudes towards Germany. The leaders disagreed over what to do about Germany’s Rhineland and coalfields in the Saar. Wilson had to give up on these issues. But in turn France and Britain did give Wilson what he wanted in Eastern Europe, which was to let them rule themselves.

Wilson was forced to give up on many of his 14 points. Many people considered them unpractical and unrealistic. Wilsons will to put the 14 points into action was further weakened because he didn’t have the support of the USA. The Americans found it pointless that they were joining wars that weren’t there’s to join. They didn’t want to be dragged into a war in Europe ever
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George was unhappy with point 2 of the fourteen points, which stated there would be “free access to the seas in peacetime and wartime”. Wilson’s views on people ruling themselves also represented a great threat to the Britain Empire as they ruled millions of people all across the world.

4. How fair was the treaty of Versailles?

The treaty of Versailles was created with the intention of weakening Germany. On one side some people considered that the treaty was unfair to Germany, as they weren’t the only country responsible for starting the war. On the other hand Germany caused a lot of damage, and people thought that Germany should be treaty harshly to prevent it from starting another war.

The Treaty of Versailles was that was used to achieve each powers interest such as Germany’s navy being reduced so that it wouldn’t represent such a great threat to Germany, and Germany being weakened so France could have its revenge. The powers left the conference feeling that they weren’t able to create a treaty that would help keep the peace, and now a days historians blame the treaty of Versailles for helping cause World War 2.

The table below summaries how the Treaty of Versailles was

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