Essay on Treatment Plan Case Study One

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Treatment Plan Case Study One The client, Jillian presents several symptoms that can relate to Bipolar I Disorder criterion for diagnosis. The conclusion for the diagnosis was concluded after analyzing the symptoms of the client and her narrative about her personal experience about her daily life. Jillian reports of having depressive episodes and also having episodes where her mood was very elevated. During the times where her mood was elevated the client reports of getting herself into trouble. The client is a 27 year-old Caucasian female, who describes of being very creative always working on works of art. Her family and friends have highly encouraged her to seek treatment after describing being on a “roller-coaster ride of emotions over the last five years.” During the times when her mood was very elevated, Jillian describes of not sleeping because she was working on her art, exposing herself to promiscuous sex, financial problems, has lost many jobs, and has loss many relationships due to her behavior. Jillian describes her life of spiraling out of control and needs to talk to someone before she experiences another depressive episode. Based o
Diagnostic Code and Labels
Based on the information provided by the client and symptoms experienced by her the client is diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder, Moderate. The severity of the diagnosis is moderate based on the description on the DSM-V describing moderate as the number of symptoms and/or functional impairment are…

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