Mesopotamia Women

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The treatment of women is all different in each of these regions in Mesopotamia, Greece, China, Roman Empire, and Medieval Europe. Each place they tell different point of views of what women must deal with. It shows the laws of each region of what women can and can’t do. I will be going through each story to see how women were treated and how they handled situations.
In Mesopotamia women are not close to being treated equal to men. They have the law called “give an eye for an eye” which means if you do anything to a person they have the right do whatever you did to them on equal terms. For example, “If a free person puts out the eye of another free person, that person’s eye shall be put out. [Mesopotamia] This law is helpful because it applies
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They assumed that ladies were incapable or unworthy for education. In relationships if they couldn’t maintain a healthy and proper relationship that it would result to social disharmony a breakdown of all the rules of propriety. Some large number of women had power, cause the more honor you had the great deal of power within the family. A female Confucian named Ban Zhao (ca45-116 CE), younger sister of the court historian Ban Gu (32-92 CE). After his death, Ban Zhao served as imperial historian under Emperor Han Hedi (r. 88-105 CE) and completed her brother’s Han Annals, a history of the Former Han Dynasty. [Han China] So in China women were given the chance to power only if they had power in the family and if that family member died it was given to the next man or woman. I feel that women should be given the chance no matter how much honor they have or how high ranking their family is. Ban Zhao was devoted to helping other young women, she made many literary works, but one stood her most famous work the Nü Jie, or Lessons for Women. [Han China] Women in China had why more responsibility, without proper customs they would bring dishonor to their ancestors and their clan. It said that men only thing they know at the time is that their wives should be controlled, and they have the authority in the house. [Han China] They believe that women don’t have what it takes on taking high ranking roles cause of the pressure. They have a saying “A man though born like a wolf may, it is feared, become a weak monstrosity; a woman, though born like a mouse may, it is feared, become a tiger. [Han China] Men are also given the right to beat their wives if they are angered by them. Laws when including mother in law are if she says “don’t do that” you cannot question her no matter what. Whenever mother-in-law commands even when she is wrong, still the daughter must follow her wishes. [Han China] China society, who have power and highest

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