Treatment Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Essay

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Getting Started
Pride is a feeling that many military service members feel when they put on their uniform every day. Those dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the stigma that comes with it tend to feel vulnerable. Some of the issues suffered by Veterans with PTSD include, mental health, depression, anger management, and substance abuse issues. One of the biggest problems for Veterans needing help with PTSD is the stigma, or the feeling of judgment associated with getting the therapy they need. This causes many service members to not seek the treatment, and this can lead to suicide. With an increase in deployments due to both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Veterans are returning home with both physical and mental issues. "Nearly 50% of combat veterans from Iraq report that they have suffered from PTSD, and close to 40% of these same veterans report “problem alcohol use”; in addition, according to estimates from 2010, approximately 22 veterans died as a result of suicide each day in that calendar year (American Public Health Association [APHA], 2016)." Lots of factors can contribute to the reasons that Veterans may not have got the help they needed example, benefits, discharges, or even feeling shame. "Studies indicate that 56% to 87% of service members experiencing psychological distress after deployment report that they did not receive psychological help (American Public Health Association [APHA], 2016)."
The first source, "Mental Health Beliefs and Their…

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