Treatment Efforts And The Legalization Debate Of Drugs Essay

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Treatment Efforts and the Legalization Debate of Drugs in America Drug legalization is an increasingly complex issue in the United States that has attracted numerous controversies in the recent past. The complexity of drug legalization emerges from the fact that many Americans do not support it despite the very vocal and strong campaign towards legalization of drugs. The controversy is usually based on the pros and cons of legalization of drugs and arguments on why the government should or should not offer treatment for individuals using illicit drugs like cocaine and marijuana. According to a recent survey, a significant portion of the American public is willing to obtain the truth regarding the long-running war on drugs in the country’s history. The current legalization initiatives are largely centered on the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. Actually, many Americans support treatment efforts instead of imprisonment of those involved in the use of illicit drugs.
Drug Policy in the United States As previously mentioned, the legalization debate of drugs in the United States has continued to be a major issue because of the increased complexity of drug legalization. The complexity of legalization of drugs is partly attributed to America’s drug policy, which seemingly advocates for imprisonment of drug abusers rather than treatment. While many Americans did not initially support treatment efforts, the strong vocal campaign by proponents of a new drug policy…

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