Treating Patients With Mental Health Essay

1061 Words Nov 1st, 2015 null Page
I chose Holistic approach in treating patients with Mental Health as I have had a personal experience dealing with an individual, whom I met when I first immigrated to Canada and at my first job in the social services. When I met my friend she was 27 years old. She was part-time in University trying to peruse her dreams of becoming a Certified Chartered Accountant. On her good days she was warm, caring, intelligent and fun to be around, except during those times when her anger and anxieties would overwhelm her and the rest of her family, friends and people around her. Apparently she had gone undiagnosed until in her late twenties when she had one of her outbursts and attacked her mother physically, who for her safety called the police and had her arrested and charged. It was during her trial that she was tested and diagnosed with Bipolar Mental Disorder. Her family refused to acknowledge at the time due to social stigma but because she was of a consenting age she agreed to medical treatment plan which consisted of medication and she was assigned to a social worker who met with her weekly to go over her days, a psychiatrist met with her monthly and she was able to have her life in control fit back into the normal world with challenges and difficulties. Upon getting to know her I discovered that the medical treatment plan, social worker and psychiatrist was not working for her and requested her to talk to her social worker about it. I, personally made a point of meeting…

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