Generalized Anxiety Disorder Paper

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McPherson, F., McGraw, L. (2013). Treating Generalized Anxiety Disorder Using Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Alternative Therapies in Health & Medicine, 19(5), 45-50.

Fujo McPherson and Leigh McGraw used a quasi-experimental pretest-posttest design study utilizing (CAM) or complementary and alternative medicine to investigate the effectiveness of a pilot program for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) patients after using self-care behavior methods. They particularly related this belief to those symptoms that cannot be reduced with traditional methods, such as medication and standard therapeutic treatments. The researchers used Acupuncture a traditional Chinese Medicine, yogic breathing exercises, message therapy with the usage of essential oils, journaling, nutrition counseling, and exercise as the means of self-care behavior methods. The desired outcome of interest
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Furthermore, researchers set out to determine pertinent and necessary criteria that should be utilized in forming GAD diagnoses in comparison with the attributes of those diagnosed with similar anxiety disorders and those labeled as chronic worriers. Participants were evaluated with several different measures including but not limited to the Generalized Anxiety Disorder Questionnaire, State-Trait Anxiety Inventory-Trait Version, Beck Depression Inventory, and the Worry task. Participants that were diagnosed with GAD tended to have higher negative mindsets concerning worry and a greater sense of urgency toward having control over their thoughts. In order to extract these anticipated differences the three groups of participants were measured against one

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