Treat Depression : Drugs Or Therapy? Essay

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To Treat Depression:
Drugs or Therapy?
More than 1 out of 20 Americans 12 years of age and older reported current depression in 2005–2006. The following figure presents the percentage of persons 12 years of age and older with depression by demographic characteristics (age, sex, race and Hispanic origin) based on NHANES data from 2005–2006. Depression is said to be caused from a chemical imbalance and is considered a complex disease. However, not all people who have depression have a chemical imbalance. It can stem from a medical problem, or it can come from your environment and childhood experiences, such as abuse. The cause of the depression can come from either the inside or the outside, or both. Because of this, people can have similar symptoms of depression but treatment is different for everybody.
It’s often said that depression results from a “chemical imbalance” but that figure of speech doesn’t capture how complex the disease is. Depression has many different and possible causes, including faulty mood regulations by the brain, genetic vulnerability, stressful life events, medications, and medical problems. Many chemicals are involved, working both inside and outside nerve cells. There are millions, even billions, of chemical reactions that make up the dynamic system that is responsible for your mood, perceptions, and how you experience life. With this level of complexity, you can see how two people might have similar symptoms of depression, but the problem on…

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