The Great Gatsby Personal Response

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When reading a book an individual should be on cloud nine in a world that they can equally relate to however also gain knowledge from. In the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald it goes back to the early twentieth century, where Nick Carraway moves to New York to start a new life and business. His next door neighbor is the mysterious Jay Gatsby, who once had a love affair with Daisy Buchanan, which is Nick's cousin. In the novel, Nick knows all the hidden secrets and love affairs but does not revile them as it is not in his place to do so. The treachery and sadness in book speaks about real life problems that many individuals are going through every day. Throughout the Great Gatsby novel, Fitzgerald explains countless metaphors to successfully …show more content…
Jay Gatsby was born poor. Daisy never knew that he was from a poor family. All her life she thought he came from a well-off family like hers. At the age of seventeen Gatsby decided to become rich. He went and served in the military and came back richer than ever. He lives in a huge mansion and he throws wild parties every day, which everyone showed up to hoping she might show up. He became a gangster in order to make money and buy all the expensive clothes in the world in order to please Daisy. Gatsby throughout the book offers Nick Carraway many materialist items and jobs as a bribe to get closer to Daisy. Furthermore, Daisy and Tom are also very rich, which are living somewhat happily because of the money. “You can also compare Tom and Daisy's actions and outcomes to other characters to help make a point – Myrtle and Gatsby both contribute to the conflict by participating in affairs with Tom and Daisy, but obviously, Myrtle and Gatsby don't get to “retreat into their money,” they both end up dead” (blog.prep). Daisy started her affair with Gatsby after she got a tour of his mansion and cries when he throws exceptionally costly shirts at her and says “never seen such beautiful shirts” (118). Another character in the novel that loved another only for his wealth and cars was Myrtle. Myrtle was having an affair with Daisy’s husband Tom. She used Tom for his money and lovely gifts because her husband George Wilson was of the working class. George who is poor and sick worked at a gas station was treated poorly due to his social status, but worked very hard in order to make enough to help cure himself and please his wife. Undoubtedly F. Scott Fitzgerald wanted to portray that wealth is what wins over

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