Essay on Travelling Through The Dark By William Stafford

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The poem I choose to analyse in my essay is Travelling through the Dark by William Stafford. The poem presents a man under an uncomfortable natural world environment. Apparently, man versus nature is the theme of this poem, while it also mentions the modern life technology, and why it is affecting the nature world. But majorly it focuses on the theme of man and nature, which is an attractive in the views of the humanity and the nature.
The poem uses a conversational style to express the theme. It is a short poem which consists eighteen lines only, separated into four quatrains with one closing couplet. While the title literally and directly tells us the speaker of this poem is travelling through the dark, we are able to understand the situation of this poem. Or we can also see this as a metaphor for everybody who is travelling through the dark. To expand this more, we can find the conflict William Stafford is trying to address in this poem, which is between human mind and the nature in a dark situation.
The setting of this poem is on a narrow road, where the speaker is driving in his car, it is along the Wilson River. The event happens during a dark night when the lights of car are the only sources of light. The imagery details in this poem are very strong, for instance the descriptions of the car in the poem are very good examples of image “By glow of the tail-light I stumbled back of the car” (5), “The car aimed ahead its lowered parking lights” (13) and “Under the hood…

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