Travel Considerations For Student Commuters Essay

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College is much more than choosing a major, selecting and attending classes, studying, and preparing for your future. Where you live while enrolled in college can have a profound impact on your living costs. If you reside on campus you’ll pay for housing, but if you live off campus the savings you expect could very easily be offset by transportation expenses. We’ll examine the various aspects of travel considerations for student commuters, including the best ways to control your expenses.

1. Live on Campus, No Car

One of the most cost effective ways for students to attend college is to live in student housing and not own a car. Here, your major concerns are tuition, board, and books, without the additional overhead that comes with car ownership.

The challenge here for some students is accessing transportation when they need it. Large universities usually provide bus service and in some cases the service is fare-free. For example, the Wolfline Transit System serving North Carolina State University students is free and tailored to students’ class schedule. Other schools may have limited bus service, charge a fee or students may be required to use public transportation. If your school falls into the latter category, a monthly pass is the most cost effective way for getting around.

For those times you must travel further away from campus and are in need of a ride, you can connect with other students through your college’s online carpool board. You might also consider using…

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