Essay on Travel Agents During The Modern World

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Travel agents have always been useful, but there was a time where the travel agents were no longer use as before. I decided to make some research on travel agents. Over the years travel agents have increased and in demand slowly but coming back. The reason I choose to research the increasement of travel agents was because I also want to plan a trip by myself for a group of friends and I after college. This might be a difficult task but good research and planning will pay off. Saving some money will also be the reason for the research and the most important having fun.
Today in the modern world there is a lot of technology many companies have the whole information and product that can be sold online. The thing is that many people have lost their job due to the new innovative technology methods. Travel agents decreased due to that. Travel agents have found a way to come back. People say that it is more helpful to have someone guide them through than to just use the internet. Previous experiences also lead travelers to come back and have an agent to book and help them out on their traveling experience.
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I plan to travel to Cancun, Mexico. Cancun is a very touristic spot, beautiful beaches and great food. I’ve never been to Cancun, my friends say that is the most beautiful place that they can go visit that is near Texas. Thinking about the blue water and the hot heat makes me really excited to go after college. Many people have experience what it’s…

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