Travel Agency Plan Essay

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Travel Agency HR Plan
Eleanor Thomas
Instructor: Rosie Cordova

One may think running an HR department is a very comfortable and years ago it may have been, but in today’s organizations, the HR department has changed in so many ways. In order for the travel agency to achieve their goal of hiring 50 new employees and someone to assist with the recruitment they will have to fine-tune the plan that is in place now.
This paper will address the functions and the challenges in the HR department and how it will fulfill the strategy of the department. The paper will speak on the purpose of HR and the metrics, and how it can affect senior managers. The paper will give some information on HR planning
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The planning will start with senior management, setting down with them to see how they want to go by recruiting these new employees. He or she will have to make sure that the marketing is in place to where it would be in-house or outsourcing.
They will be out-source the recruitment because we can reach more candidates for the positions. The selection will be completed by making sure that each candidate has what the company needs. The candidates will need to have the years of experience along with the education. Two years of college and at less one years if experience in travel agency will help. The HR department will be the one to develop all the new plans that are needed, and if any of the old ones can work they will be adding them in with the new plans.
When it comes to compensation and benefits individuals that handle, that department will make sure that the candidates have a clear understanding of his or her benefits. The packages that will be offer will be the same as the one the older employees was offer. The agency will follow the rules the OSHA has set for all organization. The HR department will be able to handle any challenges that come their way.
Byar, L.L., & Rue, L.W. (2008). The Communication problems are inevitable to occur, including misunderstandings among employees and managers as well as the need to translate verbally and written materials

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