Post Traumatic Stress Disorder In Vietnam

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“You don 't cure PTSD. You learn to manage it” (Ansberry).When soldiers are in war they can experience terrifying and severe events that negatively affect their lives. These events can stay in the brain for years causing PTSD. After the Vietnam War the term PTSD was still very new so as a result not much treatment was offered to veterans. This lack of treatment has made it very hard for veterans to adapt to normal life. The United States government has programs available for PTSD victims but, should focus on the effectiveness of these programs and the possibility of creating more.
Post traumatic stress disorder is an anxiety disorder that has affected millions of soldiers. PTSD is often caused by a person exposing themselves to life threatening
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However, one treatment has worked well for veterans and that is, simply talking to someone. “Group therapy is the most effective tool in the PTSD treatment arsenal” (Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews). This main form of treatment helps many but, not all veterans. US representative, Rich Nugent, saw mental health disorders as the problem it was. “He introduced a bill to build centers for mental health treatment and pain management”(Phillips). This bill was introduced in January 2013 and has still has not reached the House floor. How much longer must service men and women wait for the issue of mental health and PTSD to be brought to light. The government spends over 600 billion dollars on military while the Pentagon has only spent about 294 million on PTSD research and treatment (Phillips). More money should be allocated to researching new therapy techniques and new types of medication. While a new type of medication is available many veterans think that medication should not be a go to …show more content…
After Vietnam, the government turned its back on the men who fought so vigorously for our country. These same men developed PTSD and it affected their lives in terrible ways. Even today troops are haunted by traumatic memories and with no therapy available to them they succumb to drugs and alcohol. While group therapy has helped many, the government has still done almost nothing in terms of budget allocation. “You don 't cure PTSD. You learn to manage it” (Ansberry). These valued members of our society desperately need the government 's

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