Trauma Paper

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* Select two examples of trauma-causing events to use for this assignment: * one man-made or natural disaster
* one more personal trauma-causing crisis

* Explain the potential effects these events may have on the survivors and the first responders.

* Explain how the counselor’s role may differ in treating a survivor of each of the traumas you selected and how they may differ in treating a first responder to each of the traumas.

* Explain how a mental health counselor could develop VT or STS in each of these traumatic events.

* the belief in personal invulnerability that allows one to use public transportation at night, or the belief that the world is an orderly place, are challenged
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There is a circular quality to this positive orien- tation, inasmuch as the ability to sustain hope and maintain faith that things get better informs many of the protective practices these exemplary clini- cians engage in, which in turn serve to renew their enduring hope and trust.several explicitly equated optimism with awareness.

* site Empathy * Most of the clinicians described how intimate * empathic engagement with clients sustains them * in their work. This finding surprised us, because * we went into the research thinking that empathic * engagement was a risk factor rather than a pro- * tective practice. However, when clinicians main- * tain clarity about interpersonal boundaries, when * they are able to get very close without fusing or * confusing the client’s story, experiences, and per- * spective with their own, this exquisite kind of * empathic attunement is nourishing for therapist * and client alike, in part because the therapists * recognize it is beneficial to the clients. Thus the * ability to establish a deep, intimate, therapeutic * alliance based upon presence, heartfelt concern, * and love is an important aspect of well-being and * professional satisfaction for many of these clini- * cians. One r
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It is equally important to understand what

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