Essay on Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Theory

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Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Theory:
Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral theory is the combination of Trauma therapy and Cognitive behavioral theory. CBT is the combination of cognitive theory and behavioral theory. Cognitive theory is focused on the client’s beliefs, assumptions, expectations and ideas about the causes of events (Walsh & Corey, 2013). While behavioral theory focuses on the observable behavior of a client (Walsh & Corey, 2013). Yet, when they two are combined it allows for the client to work through both behaviors and cognitions. Trauma theory has the goal of working a client through their traumatic situations. The goal is to have the client be able to tell their story and be able to process through the trauma. When Trauma and CBT are integrated it allows the client to work through their trauma, their emotions toward that trauma and the behaviors that have resulted or been created because of the trauma. TF-CBT includes components that enhance youth resiliency-skills by using comping skills and trauma narratives, and the cognitive process of the youth who has experience trauma (Cohen, Mannarino, & Murray, 2011). TF-CBT also is known to use a phasing model. This model consists of using phases to get the client to move through their trauma. There are three phases that are suggested to use, first is coping skills, second is a trauma processing phase that will help Kelly to understand her personal experience, and third is final integration phase which…

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