Trauma And Its Effects On Children Essay

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Trauma comes in many shapes and forms across the board. Trauma, or a deep distressing or disturbing experience, is experienced by everyone at some point in their lives. Children coming from hard places sometimes experience more trauma in their few years of life than some adults experience throughout their entire lives. Examples of trauma can be anywhere from sexual abuse, to living in poverty, moving from place to place, and even the death of a loved one. These traumas mold and shape the child emotionally and sometimes physically if the child as suffered neglect or physical abuse. The foster system in the United States makes homes for many children. Children are placed in the foster system for many reasons including the inability to care for a child, drug or alcohol abuse of a parent or caregiver, abuse, or neglect. Children from hard places, or children that have experienced a trauma and are entering the foster care system need extra time and attention devoted to fulfilling their needs. Teaching children the ability to give care, the ability to receive care, autonomy, and the ability to negotiate needs are important platforms needed to get a child back on track. Help for children who have suffered trauma is done so on a communal basis. A case study will be illustrated the importance of intervention to give a better idea of trauma and the systems of care within a community.
Keywords: trauma, abuse, neglect, absence of father

The foster care system is a system in which…

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