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Nikeisha Vinson
Trapped Chilean Miners
D. Williams

When handling a fickle audience one needs to consider how much information that needs to be divulged. One should tell them only pertinent information that would put to ease any worries or concerns. After the collapse of the Chilean mine, you want to keep the families updated on their family members trapped and try a keep them optimistic of the outcome. When dealing with people of different ethnicities and language barriers, one would need to express empathy and great care handling the information. Under no circumstances should the complexity of the situation be expressed to the family, friends or employees of this accident.
Now there is some major dissention
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At one point it’s expressed that the families write messages to the trapped workers to give them some hope and aspiration that their on the outside waiting. There could be a host of things to consider when it comes to addressing the needs and concerns of the people and families involved. The condition of the trapped workers was unknown for more than two weeks, which is quite unfortunate because there is no information to share with the waiting families. In light of this, the needs of the families would change in regards to the type of help that would be rendered by the company, that would include but not limited to grief support, continued counseling, and, perhaps, monetary compensation for lost time, wages, etc. This would give the family some sort of peace of mind that their family was not an expendable item, but someone who had value within the company. It used to be not too long ago, trapped miners were a lost cause, and that was only because there were sufficient technologies to help retrieve them. Now when delivering this message it would need to be done face to face with family member. One would do this to show your empathy and genuine concern for the miners and their family. Secondly, you want to be on hand to answer any questions and put to ease any concerns the families may have.

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