Transports Advantages And Disadvantages

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The existence of transportations is one of greatly human creations that benefit them to use in daily lives such as cars, buses and trains. It helps humans to commute to one place to another. Yet, it comes with several disadvantages; it affects the nature. The photos above taken around the city area on 12th August 2014 whilst I was out for groceries shopping. It displays the traffic congestion are common happening in any cities around the world and this did not exclude Auckland city. To certain people, the usage of vehicles is part of necessities of their daily life. Carbon dioxide, Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide are formed and produced when using vehicles (Sanders, 2012). These pollute the air we breathe. In addition, not only it affects …show more content…
The problem concerning with chewing gums is when it dropped onto pavements and it sticks firmly to surface until it dries. The pictures above taken along the Queen Street in the Auckland city. Even the rubbish bin are located everywhere in the city, still certain people dispose their chewing gum irresponsibly. It creates unpleasant atmospheres around the city. Empirically, based on the pictures above, it may due to structure of the rubbish bin that is not convenient to all people and barely to access, which lead to people throwing the chewing gums irresponsibly. To eradicate chewing gums from pavements are costly as it utilises special equipment (steam and certain chemical under high pressure). However, as proposed in the article prepared by Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (2003), to remove the chewing gums from pavements could trigger damage to the surface material due to high pressure used. Additionally, the chemical used, also could pollute the air surroundings. Likewise, it could also harm animals such as birds, which chewing gum may stick at it feathers. Numerous initiatives are made to cut dropping chewing gums in public space such as fines and restricting the sales of chewing gum. However, this issue still remains upsurge until today. Even we do an intervention on how it affects the nature; it is seems impossible to make this matter

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