Transportation Transport System On The Hydrology And Economy Of The Surrounding Region

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Transportation and Change: The impact from the artificial landscapes of waterway transportation system on the hydrology and economy of the surrounding region.
I. Introduction
A. To estimate if it is worth changing the landscape to enhance the transportation system, it is critical to give comprehensive evaluations to current cases.
B. Dr. McQueary (2006) states in the article “Landscape ecology in transportation planning” that while development of transportation systems benefits humans economically, the natural ecosystem is significantly changed by the “road economy” because of land separation. Which is to say, the changing of the landscape, such as a highway or a man-made canal, damages the integrality of the natural habitat for several decades.
C. Researchers are required to concern if the man-made landscape, especially waterway transportation, capable adapts to both economic and environmental requirements.
D. In brief, the major conflicts between favour and against on changing landscape for transportation involve: if commercial benefit from transportation system is efficient; whether the effect on local climatology is a problem; furthermore, whether it would have natural consequences on the local environmental and the regional habitat surrounding or not that can be observed or predicted.
II. Body of paper
A. Argument #1
1. To begin with, the impact brought by the new transportation method is causing is driving the economic development of the surrounding region.
2. Pagano,…

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