Transportation Facilities : Transportation Facility Essay

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Transportation Facility in SVSU
“We will pick you up once a week for grocery shopping” the Orientation leader mentioned. That meant we had to work our schedules around that and try to foresee any shortages. Transportation didn’t really seem like an issue until I and my roommates had to walk for an hour, late in the night around 11pm. Cut away from communication, since we didn’t have US Sim cards then, I and the other girls throttled back to campus carrying heavy bags of groceries. The busses here don’t run late into the night, we acknowledged. After borrowing the stranger’s phone, when we called campus police to seek help, they replied only to have us tell that they only do on-campus pickups. Then it became clear that, the saddening reality was that the bus to us (and others like us) is our only means of transport. Therefore, considering the factors like reliability, security and cost, the university should provide proper means of transportation to the international students and not limit their choices.
SVSU’s International Student population has grown a lot over the years. Constituting about 10% of the entire student population, most of us face a huge transportation issue.
A 2014 study by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute found that in 2012 9.22% of US households were car-free. It seems common for teenagers around 16 and 18 to drive around on their cars. Adversely, car ownership is a luxury for most countries. Take Nepal, where I come from, the…

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