Transport Model Should Be Applied Between Bus Lines Essay examples

1000 Words May 19th, 2016 null Page
Introduction Comparisons and debates on which transport model should be applied between bus lines or train lines are important to explore for the appropriate application of public transport and urge the need for analysis for determining which system is more adequate. Superficially, the train line might be superior in terms of fixed routes, attracting investors, the benefit in the evaluation and always become the chosen system of the policy makers. However, the implementation of bus lines when assimilated further will surpass the advantages of rail lines. This article will first discuss about the focus on the financial aspect, where the train line consumes an enormous expenditure without presenting any solution while bus lines ensures minimal financial risk with a high ability to solve problems. A conflict between desire and effectiveness is the next topic to be discussed. In this topic, it has been found that the selection of rail lines is based on shallow thoughts and ignore the effectiveness of bus lines. Finally, this paper will conclude that bus lines are more adequate than rail lines and give suggestions for better transport planning applications.

Financial Concern Smith and Hensher (1998) reveal that a comparison between bus-based lines and light rail lines is often raised with light rail lines take the supremacy, since the light rail lines do not offer an opportunity to facilitate route for cars and trucks. However, in most urban settings where the…

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