Translation Of The New ŹŽ Star Wars ŹŽ Film Trailer Essay

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The art of translation can be a tricky business because language itself is very complex. According to the Linguistic Society of America, there are roughly 6,909 languages in the world. Each language offers a complex set of rules in which they operate, rules that a translator must follow. It is because of such complexities that translations tend to be subject to context errors and cultural mistakes. In this essay I will discuss examples of such errors as well as the challenges that translation faces.
Complex languages like those of east Asia seem to be subject to a lot of translation errors. These languages are often heavily based on idioms and cultural context. They are also riddled with formal greetings (between the old and the young) and gender assigned phrases that may be confusing to translate into a language that does not use them. In the translation of the new ¨Star Wars¨ film trailer, there seems to be a change in the spoken language that is not seen in english.
TIME magazine went over the translations and found a few interesting key points that may present a challenge for an English to Japanese translator:
The use of feminine and masculine phrases is present in the subtitles, but not in the original. Even if the character (female) is speaking in a relatively neutral voice, her translated words are submissive and feminine.
¨Japanese translators often add sexism where none exists in the English version.¨(TIME, 2015)
The Japanese language is often…

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