Translation Essential : Six Reasons For Translate Into Chinese

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Translation Essential: Six Reasons to Translate Into Chinese

Your translation dollars only go so far and you need to maximize your return on investment. Why translate into Chinese? Consider these six arguments:

1. China is a market of 1.3 billion consumers. With the Internet, you have access to the vast majority of them. However, if you want the average Chinese consumer to open their wallet for you, you are going to need to approach them in their native language. This is true whether you are an app developer or selling detergent.

Plants vs. Zombies is an app that has made a lot of money. It is very popular in China, but this was not always the case. Leo Liu was responsible for bringing the game to China. "We were amazed by how much support we got from our fans in China after we localized Plants vs. Zombies on iPhone into Chinese. The comment boards were flooded with positive comments, and in only three days, the Chinese version reached the number one paid application spot on the China App Store. We’re selling twice as many copies now, in Chinese, than we ever sold in English," he said.

2. The vast majority of Chinese citizens only speak Mandarin and their local dialect. Most do not speak English, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, etc. Those who do speak several languages are centered in the main cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Studies have shown, repeatedly, that even when consumers can speak and read another language they prefer to make their purchases in…

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