Translation And Your Brand : Competing A Global Economy Essay

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Translation and Your Brand – Competing in a Global Economy

There are a number of considerations when bringing your product, service, or information to a foreign land. Beyond the linguistic differences, you will face a brand new consumer market that may not be familiar with you, your company, or your material. This can be a challenge to overcome or a blessing in disguise depending on your approach.

With the integration of the Internet into the global consumer marketplace, people have access to just about anything they could imagine with the click of a button. Today, you can purchase chocolates from Belgium, cheese from the Netherlands, and towels from Turkey while sitting in your living room. You have access to the latest product manuals, academic books, and policy documents with just as much ease. Why would somebody want to choose your product, your service, or your information? How do translation services factor into these decisions?

Many of us have heard or read stories about companies who have not put the proper time or quality control into effective and accurate translation. We know the embarrassment and loss that has resulted from the errant or culturally insensitive data and poorly represented company or product names. While it is important to avoid repeating other 's mistakes, what about learning from those who have mastered the process?

Brand Localization, To Establish or Not to Establish
Your number one concern when moving your data into the global marketplace…

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