Transitioning From High School To College

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Transitioning from high school to college is not only an exciting and perplexing time, but it is also a priceless milestone in a person’s life. High school and college are actually quite similar, in very different ways. Certain individuals may be able to jump right into the new experience of college, while others take years to shift between the two. Unfortunately, some people never even get to grasp the whole college experience at all. Some of the biggest differences are the cost, the responsibilities, and the freedom. High school and college resemble a puzzle piece in a way; on one side they fit together, but on the other side they do not go together at all.
Just about everything in high school is free from the books, classes, and extracurricular
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In high school, they have teachers reminding them to do their homework, when tests are due, or they might give them information they missed from being absent. In college, the professors are not required to do any of this. They expect students to keep up with everything from homework due dates, to notes missed in class. Since students make their own schedule, they are required to make sure that they get to class on time, and on the right days. If a student misses class in college, ultimately they are only hurting themselves. In high school however, students are on a set schedule so forgetting to go to school is seldom. Students also have to make sure that they keep up with their grades. In high school most teachers will give students a progress report, while in college teachers will post a student’s grade without telling them.
In conclusion we all know that most students who go to high school will continue to go on to college. College is much more challenging and complex than high school. High school is basically the stepping stone before a student finally makes their way to college. Both high school and college require a tremendous amount of time, effort, and responsibility. They are both very rewarding and although they vary in some ways, the experience is worth the

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