Transitioning A Middle School At High School Is A Tough Time For Many Teams

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Transitioning found middle school to high school is a tough time for many teams as at least two more independence and increase influence of peer groups on your educational success. Secondary school is important for several reasons. It allows an individual to interact with the kind of technology such as computers and software (Excel). In today society, if you don’t have these tools in some way, one, you are consider old fashion and, two, you are discriminated against during the job hiring process by being outplace by others who can work the technology. Thereby, when one interacts with the kind of technology the world works on it is going to allow some prosperity to take place.
This cannot be achieved by solely primary education. Typically, you need at least a secondary education, which is if you attend school with sufficient funding that has these tools to allow you to become computer literate, like having up-to-date computers. Furthermore, based on what I illustrated above, Mexican Americans immigrants’ SES are generally low causing their US-born children to attend poorer school, who’s fund tends to very low. This is very unlike Cuban Americans who typically have higher SES; thus, giving their children to be better equipped to handle the technology that runs the world. Nevertheless, Latinos as a whole tend to have lower SES that their white non-Latino counterparts. Therefore, secondary school is very important for all to function in the modern world.
Even though we see…

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